You find magical Bullies here


You find magical Bullies here



 Magic Happens Here


We will just Simply put it, we have a passion for the things we're good at. Our excellence and integrity are the beating heart of our business - from dog to owner.

 Through research and experience, our breeding produces healthy & correct Bullies. our lines are a mixture of Razor Edge, Gotti, Remy & adding more lines into our program as we expand. ready to 'wow' you with their natural ability. A calmer, just as versatile American Bully. Suited to the temperament of each individual dog, our services equip both dog and owner with the necessary tools needed to maintain your dream dog prior to leaving our kennel.

Neverland Bully Kennels is a family-run business.  At Neverland Bully Kennels we strive to breed the best American Bullies possible. We provide excellent Bullies to everyone.  If you are interested in getting a puppy please email us as we tend to have a waiting list on some Litters! Originally developed to be a family companion dog, the American Bully is characterized by their gentle disposition, cheerful nature, and an extraordinary willingness to please.

Note Deposits are NON Refundable 


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We love you for Always!

On Feb 14th 2022 - we trusted a man to love and cherish our sweet girl. She was a co-own. She died at the hands of negligence and arrogance 8 days later. My sweet girl was failed. She stood no chance to the vile man that had deceived us to be a reputable breeder. LaLonni was Cremated and now will spend forever with us. Where she always belonged. We take many precautions to finding our babies safe loving and suitable environments. So please when inquiring about a puppy take into consideration we are thorough for good cause for a hard lesson we faced in the truest of forms. We lost an amazing sweet loving babe that deserved better. PLEASE research everything before inquiring or entrusting someone with your precious puppies. They could pay the ultimate price. No agreement no money nothing was worth the loss of my Lonni mama. She was 18 wks old. 


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